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Anonymous asked:

Kiss my face?

I have a friend, whom is a girl — and that might *shrugs* make her sad
and that would make me much despondent

take care now, byebye then
you shady moon you

I appreciate the kind gesticulation — oh …
as weird as it sounds, I don’t actually like… kissing
but understand that it can translate to kindness

…and I do like expressing my kindness

(my first/last “girlfriend’ was a barnacle… I avoid ownership… ever since)
(expectation is however not a loyal experience)

maybe I just want to sit around and make crappy sounds on this guitar

some people are prisoners of this place… think I can spend some moments being nothing worth time…

oh what’s that society? you need to tax something from me…
you own. so sorry — you have the wrong me

bye now!

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