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I was about to go home from work but I saw the sunset reflected on the window of a shop so I turned around to see what is probably the most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen. I turned around, walked to the beach front where dozens of people just stood transfixed to that burning ball of gas. First thing I noticed was that the sun today was enormous. Secondly, the clouds were positions in way they didn’t obstruct the passage of the sun yet helped bring out a genuine and intense colour. Thirdly, the sun was reflected by the sea as a bright orange line, as if God had taken an highlighter of the most intense and mesmerising orange and drew a line from the sun, across the sea and straight to me. But Adelaide sunsets are truly beautiful, but today’s was very different. Many other people saw this too I guess because there was a steady stream of people moving towards the beach, walking the jetty, or walking towards the water until the waves met their toes to get a closer look, as if taking that few dozen steps would do anything to reduce the unfathomable distance between us. I watched until the sun disappeared, creeping over the horizon understanding for once why the sun was a god to so many.